Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With Student Charges Explained

Charges Against a Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With Students Explained: Despite having read numerous stories, some teachers do not take it seriously and conduct crimes against children. The number of cases of crimes against kids has been steadily increasing in recent months, and most of the time, their professors are complicit in these horrible acts. According to the most recent story, a Conyers high school teacher who lives in Covington was arrested on Friday for having s**ual contact with a student. Leslie Howard Mosley of Covington, 36, a fine arts educator at Heritage High School, was arrested Friday and placed into the Rockdale County prison before being released on a $10,000 bond Monday morning.

For Sleeping With A Student, A Teacher Is Arrested

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, a school resource officer was sent to the Heritage principal’s office on Thursday in response to allegations that Mosley had “inappropriate contact” with a student. According to initial accounts, Mosley’s sexual interaction with the 16-year-old student was consensual, according to RCSO Investigator Michael Camp. Georgia has a 16-year-old consent age. Even if Mosley was in an administrative function as a teacher and the kid was currently enrolled at the school, he can still be charged.

According to Camp, the affair between Mosley and the 16-year-old student has been going on for at least this school year and appears to have taken place off-campus. Investigators still need to conduct further interviews, but they felt there was enough evidence from the initial interviews on Friday to pursue charges. On Thursday, Mosely handed up his resignation. According to Rockdale County Public Schools spokeswoman Cindy Ball, the school board has decided to fire him. Mosley began working in the school system in August of 1999 and has worked at Heritage since July of 2006.

Teacher Charged With Sleeping With Students Arrested

The case is still being investigated. This arrest comes less than a month after Thomas Matthew Donahue, a 32-year-old Deputy Rockdale Sheriff and Heritage School Resource Officer from Covington, was held on allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with an 18-year-old student. In written declarations, Donahue and the 18-year-old girl both denied the allegations of an inappropriate connection.

According to an RCSO internal investigation report, Donahue’s responses to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s polygraph test “suggest dishonesty” when he answers questions regarding whether or not he had s**ual contact with the pupil. He was accused with making false statements or writings, concealing information, and violating a public officer’s promise. The internal investigation began on January 30, 2022, when Principal Greg Fowler contacted the RSCO.

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