Who Are Praveen and Tamilselvi From Olive Branch MS & What Happened To Them? Here Is An Update

Praveen and Tamilsevi, an Indian couple who had lately moved to Olive Branch, Mississippi, had passed away. But what went wrong?

A happy family was shattered and obliterated in an instant by a single glance.

Praveen and Tamilselvi died, leaving behind their two-year-old son and a modest family in America.

This is especially tragic because the small toddler lost both of his parents at a time when he needed them the most.

So, who are Tamilsevi and Praveen? Let’s see what we can find out.

Praveen And Tamilselvi

Praveen And Tamilselvi

Who Are Praveen And Tamilselvi From Olive Branch MS?

An Indian software engineer couple, Praveen and Tamilselvi, died in America. They are originally from India and have recently relocated to Olive Branch.

On behalf of the American Living Tamil Association, they are endeavouring to organise the adoption of a baby.

According to sources, Senthil Vasan, the General Secretary of the NJ Tamil Assembly, has worked with the Tamil Society to plan the complete voyage to India for their remains.

Similarly, the pair was recognised for their kind and helpful nature. At the time of the incident, Praveen and Tamilsevi, both from Tamil Nadu, were living in the United States.

Following their deaths, Prabhakaran Rajendran started a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised $68,443 of the $100,000 goal thus far.

What Happened To Them? Death Cause Revealed

An Indian couple, Praveen and Tamilsevi, died tragically. The causes of their deaths, however, have yet to be revealed.

Despite the fact that the couple was not well-known, their death has broken many people’s hearts. Vishruth Milan, their two-year-old son, is their only child.

A deluge of praise has flooded the internet, along with pleas for help and concerns for the youngster and his adoption process.

People have voiced concern for the child’s safety and displeasure with the news that has surfaced on the internet.

Many others have also shared the message in order to spread knowledge about their kidnapping and death.

Indian Software Engineer Praveen And Tamilselvi Family Details

Parveen and Tamilsevi, the couple who perished, had no family in the United States, and both of their parents are believed to be in India.

Unfortunately, their parents are unable to come to the United States, leaving them in India.

Furthermore, let us step forward in this awful scenario to help their family survive this irrevocable disaster by giving to their GoFundMe campaign, which will help them with their living and their son’s school expenses.

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