Who Is Ammy Singleton and Why was Port Augusta’s Teacher Arrested? Charges Explained

Why was Port Augusta’s teacher, Ammy Singleton, arrested? Explanation of Charges: According to the most recent news, a second school has warned parents that a relief teacher who was charged with a child sexual assault may have taught their children while she was employed there between February 2017 and April 2018. Ammy Clara Singleton, a South Australian woman, was arrested by cops in Port Augusta on December 23, 2021, and charged with communicating to make a child amenable to s*xual activities. The alleged offence is said to have occurred in November 2021, and the South Australian teacher will remain on bail until her next court appointment in July.

Ammy Singleton

Ammy Singleton

Ammy Singleton: Who Is She?

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, parents at Flinders View Primary School were informed that the 28-year-old worked at the school from February 2017 to April 2018. The criminal charges have not been linked to any students from the school. “On 23rd December 2021, Ms. Ammy-Clara Singleton, a temporary teacher who was at our school during the time periods of February 2017 and April 2018, was held by SA Police for a claimed sexual offence and comes up in court on 14th February 2022,” wrote the school’s principal, Anna Nayda.

Teacher Ammy Singleton of Port Augusta has been arrested

“This incident did not include any of our students, and the information available to the school indicates that there is no need for any concern for any of our students.” Ms. Singleton was described as “a nice teacher” by one youngster who was in her class for Aboriginal language studies. “She actually used to let us swear a lot in class,” he told the Advertiser. Ms. Singleton would have covered for permanent instructors who were ill or on leave as a relief educator, often known as a substitute teacher in some states.

Why was Ammy Singleton, a teacher from Port Augusta, arrested?

According to the media outlet, the principal of Port Augusta West Primary School sent a similar letter earlier this year. Ms. Singleton had taught at the school for one day in July 2020, according to David Lawton. “Cops have notified the Department of Education they have no issues to the department telling the school community,” Mr. Lawton wrote in a letter to parents. This incident did not include any of our students, and the information available to the school indicates that there is no reason to be concerned about any of our students.”

Mr. Lawton also begged parents not to post the letter on the internet or distribute it in any other way.

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