Who Is Andrii Meleshkov? Ukrainian Man Stabbed, Reason Explained, Bio, Age, Family & More!

According to recent reports from Sardar, a Ukrainian man was stabbed by people while speaking Russian in a Brooklyn bar, and the police launched an investigation, which revealed that it was a hate crime. It is shocking that people are still committing acts of violence over these issues. The victim’s name is Andrii Meleshkov. Her mother was a Russian woman because he was born in Eastern Ukraine and talked about her mother. Follow us for more and stay tuned to the end of this post. As a result of this occurrence, he claimed that he was heading to the cafe’s famous karaoke bar to celebrate his birthday on Monday.

Andrii Meleshkov

Andrii Meleshkov

Who Is Andrii Meleshkov?

Then they placed their order for dinner and sat down at the table with their pals, when someone walked up to them and said, “You seem like a Russian who is Ukrainian, according to the investigation.” Meleshkov, a 36-year-old truck driver, had already left Eastern Europe and relocated to Brooklyn in 2015. He claimed to be Ukrainian, but no one believed him. So he mentions that he changed to Ukraine so that he can relax and learn and interpret the terms in order to prove to them that he is a true Ukrainian.

Why Was Andrii Meleshkov Stabbed?

However, according to his friend, he was having a lot of trouble speaking Russian and was pronouncing everything incorrectly with the improper vowels and consonants. He told him that if he was wrong, he had to come along with him and warned him several times. He was gravely injured, with numerous wounds on his face, ears, and nose, and the doctor estimates that he will require 17 stitches. The authorities are presently searching for Meleshkov’s parents.

Wikipedia and Biography of Andrii Meleshkov

And they’re in the basement, hiding from the cops and the Russian army because they might have to pay the bills. The owner is furious, but he takes everything away, including the beers off the table, and he says, “I’m going to murder you.” When he posted him away, he smacked him on the neck, and blood began to flow.

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