Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife? Age, Instagram, wedding photos

Bobby O’Jay

Bobby O’Jay

Bobby O’Jay died at the age of 68. Everyone is shocked that he died. He was a very well-known DJ, and everyone who knew him is sad that he has died. Bobby O’Jay was a well-known DJ who was also known as the “King of Memphis Radio” and “The King of Memphis.” News of his death has caused people to pay tribute to him on social media. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Here, we are going to tell you some things about Bobby O’Jay.

Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife?

People say that Bobby O’Jay died on May 3, 2022, at the age of 68. However, the cause of his death hasn’t been found out yet. The news that he had died was confirmed by the host of a radio show. When Bobby died, he was at his job. He also told his niece Wanda Thomas that his whole family is in a state of shock at the moment. His family needs us to be there for them at this time. After his death, the family is having a hard time.

Wanda Thomas, his niece, said, “We’re doing as well as we can.” This morning, we were listening to him. You know, his voice was like the picture of good health. It’s a long process. This is what she said: “Bobby was our celebrity, and when I grow up, I want to be just like him. Our chain has been broken.” We’ll be able to get through this time because of the good memories I have of us together.

Bobo O’Jay’s real name was Joe Louis Jones. At the start of his career in 1972, he worked for the city of Montgomery in Alabama. In February 1983, he got the job of his dreams. He gained a lot of listeners by talking about his own life and talking about things that were important to him. In the National Radio Hall of Fame, he was up for a prize. WDIA is a radio station in the United States that is mostly for black people. He worked there for almost 40 years. For years in Memphis, he was known as having one of the best radio voices in the city! His job on the radio gave him the chance to interview some well-known people, like Whitney Houston, Johnny Cochran, Muhammad Ali, and Rufus Thomas. When Bobby O’Jay died at the age of 68, he was still very young. May he rest in peace.

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