Who Is Ryan Duke Wife? Tara Grinstead Murder

It’s been six years since Tara Grinstead vanished without a trace from Ocilla. Let’s take a look at the story to discover more about Ryan Duke, the guy charged with her killing.

The disappearance of the high school teacher and beauty queen grabbed nationwide attention. The town of Ocilla has been cloaked in mystery for the past six years. A 30-year-old history teacher from a local high school looked to have vanished without a trace.

In the killing and disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a former Irwin County High School teacher, Ryan Duke has been charged with murder.

Despite having given police a written confession prior to his arrest in February 2017, Duke has now pleaded not guilty to charges of malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, and concealing a death in connection with Grinstead’s death.

Tara Grinstead

Tara Grinstead

Ryan Duke’s Wife: Who Is She?

Ryan Duke is married to Christina Elmore, and they have two children together. Their older son is five and a half years old, while their younger son is one year old.

They married on April 6, 2014, and in 2021, they will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary. Christina is an American actress who is best known for her portrayal of Lieutenant Alisha Granderson in the television series The Last Ship, as well as roles on the Twenties and HBO’s Insecure.

Ryan Duke’s Current Age And Family

Ryan Duke’s age is estimated to be 36. His family’s specifics, on the other hand, are still being ironed out. At this point, his parents’ identities have not been revealed.

Irwin County High School awarded him his high school diploma. On the other hand, his other professional information isn’t easily available online.

Malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, burglary, and concealing a death have all been charged in connection with Grinstead’s disappearance.

Bo Dukes, another man, was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2019 for his role in hiding her murder. In this case, he was the second person to be sentenced.

Update on the Ryan Duke case

The trial of Ryan Duke was set to begin on April 1, 2019, but was postponed when the Georgia Supreme Court granted the defense’s request that the state pay for expert witnesses and investigators, which the state had rejected.

Attorney Ashleigh Merchant stated that the state should provide funds even if she and her husband were representing him pro bono and not as a state-appointed attorney.

Duke’s first public defender, who had represented him, had been sacked. His lawyer said he couldn’t afford to employ expert witnesses in DNA testing, false confessions, and psychology because he didn’t have enough money. They said that if they weren’t present, he wouldn’t get a fair trial.

After previously dismissing the appeal on two occasions, Tift Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Bill Reinhard agreed to hear it in February 2020.

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