Why that business ain't fetching enough money

Do you get freaked out and always almost sad that your business aint fetching you that amount of money you need or at least not your desired reach despite your working so hard to promote or even just make it work? 

We often see a great deal of ideas popped up in our brain each time we get opportunities to venture into a business and we just want to feel the money. 

We want to be more like those rich people who control money si we want their own kind of life 

But, it shouldn't always be about the money. Successful entrepreneurs are driven by consistent and fully blown ideas that keeps the business moving forward. 

See the following possible reasons 

  1. Your business may not be reaching its targeted recipients
  2. The price tag on the products or services rendered may be unnecessarily high 
  3. The products may not have that quality that keeps customers stucked to it 
  4. Improper or unusual check on financial reports to know where there's been lapses 

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