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Thursday was not a good day for the Quebec Ministry of Health. An inappropriate video was posted on Twitter by the official Twitter account of the Quebec Ministry of Health. People who saw the video say that the Quebec Ministry of Health’s social media account got a lot more traffic after the same account shared the video. Social media users have been interested in this video since it was posted, and they want to know what it is, as well as why the social media account is so popular in that part of the world. To give you all the real information about this, we have written this article for you. You should read this column all the way to the end to learn more about this current event.

Yo_Nanay Twitter Roblox Video

The Quebec Ministry of Health got a lot of attention on social media for a video or picture that was not good. However, soon after that link was shared, the ministry of health took care of it. According to the reports, the animated video that was shared on Twitter by the Quebec Ministry of Health’s Twitter account was not appropriate for the general public or the people watching. To learn more about this video and find out what was in the video, please look at the next part.

Yo Nanay Twitter Video Roblox

A link was reportedly shared on the Quebec Ministry of Health’s social media account that was supposed to send users to a government portal for Covid-19. Instead, the link sent users to a porn site, which caused a stir on social media. Social media is making fun of the Quebec Ministry of Health because they don’t do enough to stop people from getting sick. However, the health ministry of Quebec has talked about the mistake and apologised for the mistake, so it’s not all bad. Please move on to the next section to find out what the authority said about this.

Yo_Nanay Twitter Roblox Video

A tweet from the health ministry of Quebec said that “due to uncontrollable circumstances, a link to inappropriate video was shared from our Twitter account.” We are always looking into the matter and looking for the flaw. “We’re sorry for the trouble.” However, the link has been taken down from the platform by the Quebec Ministry of Health, which is in charge of health care. Stay in touch with us for more information and news.

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